Carbon Footprinting

Argyll International can provide organisations of any size with a comprehensive independent audit of all of their carbon emissions. By measuring how each area of your daily activities creates carbon dioxide (CO2), your organisation can take the first steps towards reducing your carbon emissions through using greener technology, and eventually becoming carbon neutral.

CO2 emissions most commonly come from combustion of fuels such as gas for hot water, and electricity for lighting and heating.  Three quarters of UK electricity comes from fossil fuels, and although an organisation is not directly responsible for emissions, it does so indirectly by purchasing the power. Other indirect emissions come from the raw materials used by suppliers and in the transportation of goods.

Calculating the carbon footprint of any organisation is complex, but you can rely on the accuracy and credibility of Argyll International's carbon footprinting reports because we use internationally recognised methodologies. We utilise the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the commonly used methodology devised by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and ISO 14064, created by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

Argyll International has been named as one of the first Carbon Auditors by the Managing Partners Forum, a global managing body that is encouraging companies to become carbon neutral.

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