Argyll International is a niche energy technology company developing advanced low carbon solutions to help businesses and other organisations reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.  Based in Scotland, and working with partners in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and South Africa, Argyll International has developed a range of Super Green Future Fuels that are ideal for trucks, ferries, ships, cars, trains, heavy off-road vehicles, and to heat homes and offices.  Argyll International was formed by Dr Thomas Campbell, Chartered Mechanical and Energy Engineer, Fellow of the Energy Institute, and Carolyn Morning, who has worked in marketing and business development of alternative energy businesses in the UK, Europe and Africa.


The company's services include:

  • Developing fuel alternatives to fossil fuels that have less carbon emissions
  • Energy Performance Certificates for your buildings to comply with forthcoming legislation in Scotland
  • Energy Management - helping businesses calculate their Carbon Footprint and take practical steps to reduce it
  • Environmental Consultancy and retail carbon offsetting
  • Developing marine renewables using tidal technology
  • Creating desalination technologies for countries that lack fresh water for drinking and irrigation

To find out how Argyll International can help your business or organisaton become greener and more efficient, call 44 (0) 141 202 0620 or email