Management Team

Argyll International works with a team of leading edge experts with decades of experience of developing environmentally friendly energy solutions.  Our professional team has experience working with multi-national energy companies, and their areas of expertise include design, energy engineering, building management services, research and development, and sales and marketing.

Dr Thomas Campbell

Tom Campbell is a Chartered Mechanical Energy Engineer and Fellow of the Energy Institute, and a recipient of a Royal Society Industrial Fellowship.  Tom is responsible for the intellectual property development of the company and the engineering design to provide environmental solutions to  the property, energy and transportation industry. Tom has over 300 publications and 5 books published in the energy and environmental field. He joined the Board of Argyll International in 2002 as Managing Director.

Carolyn Morning

Carolyn has worked with alternative energy businesses in the UK, Europe and Africa. After completing a BA in Marketing and French, she developed international marketing strategies for the European Environmental Research Institute in the Netherlands before becoming business development manager promoting the introduction of energy efficient solutions in Austria, Poland and Australia. She joined the Board of Argyll International in 2002 as Commercial Director.

Duncan Tavendale

With more than three decades in one of the world's leading petroleum companies, and now Forth Oil Services, Duncan's commitment to introducing Argyll's future fuels to the market is a real asset to the business. Duncan has experience in fuel pricing and negotiation, and his sales and marketing acumen in the fuel industry saw him realise and increase fuel sales turnover from £8m to £40m. Duncan and Carolyn are working together on the sales and marketing strategy to introduce the first of the future fuels to the market, Argyll's Super Green Diesel.

Raymond Low

Raymond Low is an experienced businessman in Malaysia and China, and brings invaluable business and technical expertise to Argyll's future fuels programme. Raymond, Tom, Jason and Carolyn are working together to introduce the Super Green Fuels to Malaysia and China during 2009.

Jason Chan

Jason's experience in marketing in Malaysia and China is invaluable to the introduction of Argyll's Super Green Fuels to the Far East.

James McDermott

James has a Surveying degree and more than 10 years' experience in Building Services and Site Management, currently managing over 60 sites at any one time. His portfolio of facilities management and building experience is invaluable to Argyll. James is leading Argyll's entry to the provision of Energy Performance Certificates.

Professor Roderick Galbraith

Roderick, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a European Union advisor, is working with Tom on a multi-axle tidal device. The design is complete and the team is looking to develop a range of prototypes for the Scottish coastline.

Roy Kalil

Roy is an experienced businessman, creating a Water Management Business with partners from Switzerland and Germany, and successfully introducing a unique water management system to the African continent. He is currently selling products in South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique. Carolyn is working with Roy to introduce the Super Green Fuels to the African continent.